Sunday, June 16, 2013


Just a store in Chichi.  You know, I´d just love to have a skeleton wearing converse play the guitar for me...  

Just the regular streets of Guatemala, with crushed soda cans in the middle of the street.  Gotta love the poverty!

My birthday breakfast!  I had to make something other than oatmeal for once!

A cake for my birthday!  And someone just had to be the wise guy and push my face in!  Haha

You know, I pretty much have an entire slice of cake on my face, so I might as well eat it, right?

My brownies that I made!  Just sitting there, ready to be cooked!  

The aftermath of the bright decison to leave me in charge of the brownies.  Ignore the burnt side...

That´s right, straight up PB&J sandwiches for FHE.  Gotta love it!

Just filling up the baptismal font with the dirtiest water EVER!  But it worked out to our favor because we just told everybody the water was so dirty because all the sins stayed in the water!  Haha  

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